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While the heroines have evolved since the early days, the heroes remain much as they were a century ago. Even later, when other aspects are influenced by feminism and the shifting attitudes outside the novel,' observes Joanna Bowring, 'the men are masterful and stern. This was expressed rather less subtly by Violet Winspear, a popular writer who caused a furore in when she declared that her male characters 'must frighten and fascinate. They must be the sort of men who are capable of rape'.

A shy spinster who lived with her mother and a cat, it's easy to dismiss Winspear as out of touch with her contemporaries and her books did have unusually darker elements. But a quick glance at the titles of current releases in the racier and more cosmopolitan Modern Romance series suggests that dominance is still dominant. Stories in which male dominance remains the norm stand accused of setting back women's emancipation, our hard-won rights to a partner instead of a ruler.

They are considered outdated, no longer representing what women of today really want, but none the less encouraging such desires to linger. Whatever appears on the pages is there because the readers want it.

Every reader I spoke to expressed a similar sentiment - they reached for a romance novel for its promise of a happy ending. No more doubts! No more disappointments!

Jilly Cooper puts it best: 'After all, life's bloody tough. Prince Rafiq of Lucia-Serrat stared at the woman sitting across from him. He had thought the biggest surprise of his Monday had been to find Kiley at her desk that morning, instead of on her honeymoon. He hadn't seen his secretary in five days.

She'd taken off part of the previous week to prepare for her impending marriage. A flash of pink caught Gino's attention.

The sight of Ally moving towards him in a T-shirt and jeans, her body filled out to perfection, caused him to pause in his task of tightening the lug nuts. If he didn't miss his guess, she hadn't been able to sleep, either. She walked with purpose, a sign that he feared didn't bode well for the desired outcome.

But he was prepared for any hurdle she was determined to put in his way.

Best-selling novelist who challenged Mills & Boon stereotypes

Mick stripped off the rest of his clothes, his gaze never leaving her. Then he stretched out beside her, laced his fingers with hers and brought her knuckles to his mouth for a gentle kiss. With his other hand, he deftly slid open the drawer of the nightstand. Shifting her hand in his, Erin drew them both slowly over the velvet pillow and over her skin, then up to the silk pillow and across her neck. Turning her head, she placed an equally gentle kiss on his fingers.

It might have happened the moment I saw you.

Trust Too Much

Of course I was in denial. I didn't think I was capable of loving again Traci pictured Parker with a houseful of brothers and sisters. The image made her dizzy with happiness. She clung to Daniel's arm, knowing he would make a strong, caring father. The silken heat of her drove him to the brink.

He managed to stave off his own satisfaction only by focusing every ounce of his thoughts on her. Her needs. Her wants. Ignoring the heady scent of floral fragrance and warm woman, Nathan concentrated on finding just the right touch that would please her, make her forget her own name. He elicited gasps, moans, and sighs, but only when he plucked the sweet centre of her with his finger and thumb, and drew her nipple deeply into his mouth did he find the hot button that made her whole body tense and tighten.

Mills & Boon teams up with The Bachelorette!

Victory poured through him for all of two seconds before his own release swamped him, made him forget both their names. He had been wrong. She nodded, keeping her gaze firmly on the pad of paper she clutched on her lap. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Carole Mortimer.

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