Traditional Sampler Verses & Symbolism of Sampler Motifs

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Strawberries were believed to be the ideal fruit because they have no pits, thorns, or rinds. The meanings of most pictorial motifs originated in early Christian theology. While European and American schoolgirls continued to stitch these images on samplers through the early 20th century, very few people studied or understood pictorial symbolism. As designs spread through pattern books and as motifs were copied from older samplers, a schoolgirl stitching a sampler was just as likely to use a motif for its decorative appeal as for its symbolic meaning. Previous Next.

Go Back. August 1 July 1 June 1 April 3 March 1. Arkansas Arts Council. Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. Prices seem a bit higher than normal, because Brenda is from England I'm writing my words for this, but I'm really not sure what that verse is supposed to be telling me! I just like the shapes, the border, and the colors in this! Measuring x , this is charted for DMC floss. That verse is over one Colors are , , , , , , , , , , , and Pretty colors.

Stitching it Together

Stitched over one or two threads, they are coded for regular DMC floss. Each suggests just a basic cream fabric, you can always distress after stitching, or choose something hand-dyed. I Went to Church Sampler - This is so fun! It is the ultimate test as to whether or not people actually READ the verses on your stitched pieces!

This one reads: I went to church on Sunday. My love, she passed me by.

Robert Frost

I knew her mind was changing by the roving of her eye. A balanced border and pretty church scene Learn Little Maid - 'Learn little maid each useful art that may adorn thy youth, Learn to improve thy tender heart in virtue, grace and truth. This one measures stitches square - or a whopping 19 inches square on 32ct. Stitched with DMC, the border is simple, and the alphabet is blocky I like the inside border around that little mansion Really striking! Abigail Markam Sampler Here is a pretty sampler -- very bold and organized -- balanced and stately!

If you choose smaller fabric, you can make your finished piece smaller as well. Charted for ONLY regular DMC floss of black, two shades of green, two shades of gold and a brown and red, you could easily change some of the colors to hand-dyeds if you wanted to. The border is pretty, alphabet is good, and the house is very eye-catching. Plant Wisdom Sampler Brenda Keyes has a pair of new samplers -- both offered in chart format. Plant Wisdom's verse reads: If happiness be your pursuit, Plant wisdom and enjoy the fruit.

God’s Bits of Wood Symbols And Motifs ⇒ Free Book Summary

Measuring stitches square, this finishes approx 13 x 13 on 36ct, it could be almost 18 x 18 on 28ct So much the pretty color palette of Brenda's other samplers we love, this is charted for regular DMC flosses of brick, buttermilk, teal and olive greens. Very pretty and balanced!! The Cuckoo Sampler Wow She brings us glad tidings and she tells us no lies. Charted for DMC floss, I hate to think of the fate of the little bird, but the scene is really pastoral in personality.

Very simple and bold compared to some of her other things, this measures approx 13 x 17 on 25ct over two.

An Online Learner's Guide

That's big Stitched with regular DMC floss as well. Awesome trees -- I love her different choices for those.

Animals -- kangaroos, giraffes, camels, snakes and I think hyenas Offered as the chart. I highlighted both of them here, because I can't decide which I like better! A Sampler Story measures x stitches.

Flosstube #21 Jane Bannister 1855 - a Welsh sampler from the Isle of Anglesey

Just like Brenda's Sampler Musings design We have a shop model of 4 tiny cubes on 25ct Lugana over one, they are only 2-inches each! So, you could make a tower of 3, a long windowsill row of 6, a 4 or 9-patch I'm just not sure you'll be able to choose which squares to stitch! Sweet Humility measures x Stitches.

I love the house, the trees, the landscaping, the verse, and the colors that are so classic! We think this would make an awesome wedding, new family or housewarming gift. But of course, I think it'd look pretty good in my hallway Just a beautiful piece, very classic in presentation and design -- choose a favorite fabric, and LOVE making every stitch!!!!

Sampler Musings This is a smaller piece, full of Brenda Keyes' favorite colors and charming design elements! Each of the 4 squares could be stitched individually Super easy, it covers well, and you get the impact of stitching over one thread, with half the work! Just a fun piece House on the Hill Sampler Stitch something traditional and easy -- this is a neat piece just for that -- because the alphabet and motifs are simple.

With a stitch count of x , this will finish approx 9 x 18 on 28ct Lots of fabric choices for this one -- it is charted for 12 different colors of DMC floss. It's a perfect piece to add some overdyeds to, because of the large design area. Look at the trees, the grass, the big alphabet, even the house -- you can add lots of color impact with just a couple of hand-dyeds.

A pretty piece to stain and mange up, too!!!!! We learned to do that in our Shakespeare's Peddler Retreat Class this past summer! Stitch count of x -- it finishes approx 8 x 10 over 2 on 25ct -- Lugana is the easiest to see and work on. Coded for 7 different DMCs Nothing hard The Sailor's Wife Brenda Keyes has a new sampler that has enchanted us!

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Presented through the eyes of a sailor's wife Even King Neptune is there in the waves!!! Charming in shape, the stitch count for this piece measures x m which translates to a whopping 26 x 8 over two on 32ct!