CUTTING COST ( Tips on saving big on everyday bills for small change)

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During this time, update your budget, review your accounts and track your progress against your financial goals.

21 lifestyle changes to make if you want to save more money - Business Insider

Like any relationship, if you want your financial life to improve, you must spend time with your money. Plan out your meals for the week. Taking a few hours every weekend to grocery shop and meal plan for the week will definitely save you money, as dining out is the No. By eating at home, you save money that would otherwise be spent on tax and tip—and you usually save calories, too.

Read More Americans lag in retirement saving. Cut out cable. Cut out TV?! By switching over to an online service or cutting out TV altogether, you can save that money for another financial goal—such as paying off debt, traveling or saving for a down payment on a home. Switch to an exercise pass program. If you love working out, an exercise pass program such as Class Pass is the way to go. And classes—like cycling, yoga, Pilates, barre, strength training, boot camp, dance and more—are unlimited.

This beats having to pay for each studio's monthly membership or individual class fee, which can add up to hundreds of dollars a month. Host a potluck. The more friends you have, the more money you spend on lunch dates, birthday parties and gifts. Switch it up and, instead of meeting over a fancy dinner, host a potluck and have everyone bring his or her favorite dish. That way, you can save money you'd spend on restaurant extras, such as tax, tip and parking—and you'll usually have a more intimate meal together, too. Read More Sandwich generation in a pickle.

Leverage lodging rental websites. Finding a place to stay while traveling is so convenient when you use a lodging rental website such as Airbnb, Travelmob or Housetrip. You can often find a place that has a kitchen so you can cook meals at home to save money at a rate that's comparable to hotels. You can even rent out your own place on sites such as Airbnb while you travel to make some extra cash to pay for your own travel expenses. It's a win-win scenario.

Make coffee at home. This one's not my favorite, as I absolutely love going to coffee shops and drinking delicious organic coffee. Work more. When you're working a lot, there's not much time left to shop and spend money. So stay busy and pursue a career you love. Wait 48 hours before you click "buy.

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Example: Wait 48 hours before spending money on things that cost more than a certain amount. When you do, you will find that, most of the time, the item was more of a "want" than a "need. Use blogs and Pinterest to learn DIY beauty treatments.

Cars & travel

Self-care is important—but going to spas and getting pedicures, massages, etc. Allow yourself a certain amount to spend on these things; then use blogs and apps like Pinterest to find at-home beauty treatments to help you save money. Often you can find a DIY organic option using common household or kitchen products.

Go homemade.

Do you need your gym membership, or could you get by with a home exercise routine? Or if you pay someone to mow your lawn, could you eliminate that expense completely by mowing it yourself? There are even apps to help with this now — for example, TrueBill can review your purchase history and look for unused subscriptions and other recurring charges, and help you cancel them. Food is one of the most common problem areas in the average American budget. We either eat too much, spend too much on groceries, or eat out so often that it costs our budgets and waistlines to swell. Here are some ways to save money on food and eliminate waste.

Some people may shy away from leftovers, but there are some secrets to making any leftovers as good as the original. Take-out and dining out can be a nice luxury and huge time-saver for a busy family, but the expense can be tremendous. Check for coupons and coupon codes for items you use all the time, and if a good enough coupon presents itself, buy it in bulk.

Spread out over months and over a lot of items think of all of the nonperishables in your home, from salt and sugar to soap and shampoo — food is just the beginning , this can add up to a lot of trimmed fat.

54 Ways to Save Money

Vegetable gardening is a splendid hobby that can often turn a profit if done right. Focus on vegetables that are easy to grow and produce abundant fruit, like tomatoes, and learn how to can and store the excess. Opening up a jar of tomatoes in the winter that you grew yourself in the summer and canned in the fall is a wonderful experience — and it can really help with trimming the food bill.

Many products not just food are available in a store-brand or generic form for significantly less money. Look carefully at the ingredients in generic and name-brand products to see how similar they are. But when we overpay for insurance, we leave ourselves vulnerable in a different way. Look into these options for ways to reduce your insurance premiums. Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least companies to find the very best rate. If you currently use two separate insurers, ask what kind of discount each would offer if you bundled the policies together.

The cost per year will be significantly less expensive — even if you buy similar coverage. Raising your deductible can often significantly reduce your annual premiums, easing the monthly strain on your bills. These suggestions can help you find all of the potential savings in your monthly budget. To minimize these costs, look at the real expenses involved with any sport or activity before you let your children sign up.

Meanwhile, keeping kids in only one activity at a time can also help you save as much as possible. If you hire out household services to others, consider trimming back or eliminating them. If your budget is bursting at the seams, consider cutting back on your religious tithing. I have a close friend who spends a significant amount of money on clothes each month.

You can still save plenty by buying fewer but high-quality pieces and really utilizing the wardrobe you already own. Instead of having your hair cut and styled weekly, cut back to every other week. If you have your nails done twice a month, cut back to monthly, or have manicure parties where you do it at home with your friends instead.

If you buy expensive shampoos, look at lower-cost options. Any consumable habit, whether it be smoking or excessive drinking , can be a constant drain on a budget without any real benefit. Give the habit a kick in the pants and your wallet will breathe a serious sigh of relief.

Many people leave out this option when looking at trimming their budget, but if you can find work in another area, it may be worth considering. Look around at other areas of the country where you can find employment, see what your salary would be there. Then look at the housing costs and see how they stack up. It can seem counterintuitive to make purchases to save, but that's what some of the most successful money-savers do.

They're not just buying things, they're investing in things — tools and services — that will eventually save them money over time, whether that's a programmable thermostat or an online project-management certification. For instance, by age 30, you'll want to have invested in things like a good workbag, a reliable car if you drive , and freedom from your student loans.

Julie Rains, who achieved millionaire status by age 40, relayed a similar belief : "For me, living modestly — having a small house and not having a luxury car — really helped a lot. Keep those fixed costs low. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

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When it comes to getting rich, the formula is simple: Spend less and save more.

10 Extreme Ways to Cut Costs

Record all of the money you spend. Go homemade.

How to set up a budget

Grocery shop on a full stomach. Make bigger and fewer trips to the grocery store. Withdraw money exclusively from your bank's ATM.