A Sling and A Stone : Courageously Overcoming Goliath from the Inside Out

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Getting Started Guide. Community Resource Folder. Related Subreddits. Goliath RP Advice Needed self. So, I've recently joined a 5E campaign after not having played since probably on 3E. That said, I had some other ideas, but we have newer players and one of them chose the class I was going to pick.

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So, we ended up needing a fighter type and I decided to give a Goliath barbarian a shot, but given that he has an INT score of 9, he's not exactly stupid and would prefer not to copycat Grog from Critical Role anyway. I know next to nothing about what a Goliath sounds like, their mannerisms, etc Can anyone give advice on how to role play a Goliath? I would roleplay him as a character with a strong sense of justice and honor. How he interprets it, however, is perhaps different than how others would. Honor is earned through strength and skill in battle. One's skill with a blade is far more important to their character than how well they can sling spells.

In fact, the trickery and manipulative essence of spells is something to be looked down upon. I've actually got an extensive Goliath culture following logically from the hints in the 4E and Elemental Evil write-ups, and reshaped to fit into my world. A story that helps to explain how Goliaths see themselves and the world is the tale they tell about about a greedy young Goliath who strangled a dragon in its youth but found it coveted wealth to its own sake, to the point that rather than boasting about the great deed and sharing the hoard, the Goliath kept it secret. The pressure of not boasting manifested as a tickle in the back of the Goliath's throat, which grew worse every day until it was blocking its throat entirely and it couldn't eat or talk.

The elders knew that the little Goliath was hiding a big secret and that was causing the block, and they urged the youngster to speak it and be free. Instead, the young Goliath reached into its mouth and tried to yank the blockage out The source of the tickle and the thing on which the Goliath had been tugging turned out to be a long, hairy beard, and that, at least according to Goliaths, is why there are Dwarves. Goliath parents tell this to their children, to warn them about the dangers of secrecy and avarice. They have similar "just-so" stories about the origins of other races that serve to warn about dangers of vices.

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For instance, elves happened because a particularly beautiful Goliath was feeling vain and tried to chisel and shape its stony skin into a more pleasing shape, but was never satisfied and kept chipping away until there was absolutely no stone left and very little else. A fun thing i've been wanting to try is a really spiritualistic Barbarian, going Path of the Totem.

Multiclass into Druid perhaps, everything must remain in balance and it falls to you to maintain it. I have been playing a Goliath in my friend's campaign, so maybe some of my ideas may be of use to you.

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  4. So I relied heavily upon Apache culture when I designed my character, both in terms of how Goliaths would have organized their societies, and how they may have dressed, acted, and spoke. I have been playing up the concept of the "noble savage", as stereotypical as it may be, it seems to offer a good counterpoint to the more cultured members of the group.

    Goliath society is also very harsh, the drive to outdo your fellow Goliaths would make you very competitive, it would also be a society that doesn't tolerate failure. In my world I was able to craft some of the background for Goliath society, and I figured that these competitive people would find some way to measure the honors an individual had collected over their lifetime. Goliaths are coming from a culture that uproots itself on a constant basis, so they have no real concept of "home", wealth and individual belongings do not hold the same value.

    These would be a people who value the stories you tell about them, over what they own or how much gold they have. They would therefore have a hard time understanding values of a culture where people amass vast wealth, cultures that value your political connections, your birthright, whether you were born into wealth, etc.

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    The only thing that matters is what you have done, and if what you have done was courageous, or has benefited your tribe as opposed to what has benefited yourself. That's basically what Goliath society is like. They admire and revere strength and when one of them has a great triumph or slays a mighty beast, the rest of the herd is in awe As a result, they train even harder. Goliaths are tribal, athletic, and competitive, so playing him as a total "Bro" wouldn't be completely out of character, though obviously that all depends on how serious your campaign is.

    Things were simpler in the mountains. There were no nobles, the tribe worked together. If someone was annoying or tried to harm the tribe, you crushed them with a rock. Simple, logical. Why did you leave? Did some vestige of civilization strike you as interesting? Were you cast out? Do you miss your tribal life, or are you pragmatic about it?

    In any case, as a Goliath you value strength. It's natural that the strongest should lead, it makes for a healthy tribe. A clever tradition for use with any manger scene. Come along and read a moving letter from a grandfather to a grandson and discover what the resurrection of Christ means to the relationships you treasure.

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